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  Award Winners  2016

Best Works From 2015

The winners of the 2016 award:


Painting Award - Jette Van Der Lende with:"Book Burning"

Drawing Award - Ernie Fournet with:"Mother Machree"

Mixed Medium 2D Award - Helen Kagan with :" Eternal Portal"

Sulpture / Mixed medium 3D Award - Rosa Sigrun Jonsdottir with:"Vortex"

Photography Award - Heike Suhre with:"The Joker"

Digital Painting / Photo Manipulation Award - Monica Radulescu Tudorache with "Thoring"


The winning artists will receive:

 1. Two weeks exhibition in LEYDAN Art Gallery

 2. An Award Certificate

 3. A PDF file of the exhibition catalog 

 4. A Participation Certificate

 5. A short analysis of the artwork awarded


 (the catalog and certificates will be sent prior May, 2016)

The exhibition will be on view from May 1 to May 31, 2016


Mixed Mediums




Digital P /PM


Painting section Jurors: Chad Riley, Giuseppe Maci, Arnaldo Pauselli, Matilde Orsini, Daniel Gonti


Drawing Section Jurors: Leyla Munteanu, Daniel Gonti


Mixed Media 2D Jurors: Leyla Munteanu, Giuseppe Maci, Daniel Gonti


Photography and Digital Jurors: Chad Riley, Daniel Gonti, Giuseppe Maci


Sculpture Jurors: Leyla Munteanu, Arnaldo Pauselli, Matilde Orsini, Daniel Gonti


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